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Our Mission

Seniors for Pets, Inc. is...

Seniors for Pets, Inc. eases the lives of needy seniors by funding basic medical care for their beloved pets. When we help a senior, we are also helping to keep a pet, usually a senior pet, in the home instead of surrendered to a shelter.

Seniors for PetsAlthough this mission helps pets, it differs from traditional animal welfare organizations.  We are dealing “first with people” whose lives are measurably improved by the love, companionship, and responsibility offered by their pets. Financial challenges can disrupt this fragile and important relationship. Our mission then is to see that seniors maintain a consistent quality of life by retaining healthy pets.

Pets are also beneficial to seniors because they can provide them with assistance in their daily lives.

Share your email address (above) to learn more about our organization.   We’ll immediately reward you with a complimentary “How-To” EBook on purchasing pet treats that will teach you how to locate the most nutritious products.

Seniors for Pets, Inc. will locate the people we help through veterinarians and senior organizations. We will interview and qualify the family by verifying need, their history of care for the pet, and their arrangements for the care of the pet, if it should outlive them.

If you have interest in assisting our mission or for more information, please contact us.

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